Q: Can beginners take this course?

A: At present, many graduates have started their own classrooms as lecturers, and more than half of them are beginners who have started from the basics. So please do not hesitate to attend this course.

Q: What is the difference between the courses organized by JSA headquarter and the class opened by JSA certified instructor?

A: The contents of the accredited course are the same whether it is sponsored by the headquarter or by a course of a certified instructor.
The accredited course is to receive a 12-hour course. The same response is taken for the follow-up after qualification acquisition.

Q: Is it difficult to pass the graduation exam?

A: The 6th is graduation work and graduation exam. (2 hours)
Please be assured that you will receive a textbook when you take the course.
Take advantage of the skills acquired in one to five courses to create a large original work (7 x 13.5 cm)
Students are considered to design while being consulted by the trainer.
There is a possibility that you will be failed, but if you have a firm understanding of what you have learned in the course and you have prepared your design and arrangements in advance, you will sure to pass!

Q: I am worried that can i start my own class after I have obtained qualifications?

A: After obtaining qualifications, we will send to you the manual for instructors from the 1st lesson to 6th lessons.
Please be assured that you will be reviewing and practicing, and the perfect beginner will be a great teacher after the course.
Also, please let us know, as there is a skill upgrade lesson.

Q: Is it possible to pay for course fees separately?

A: Basically it’s full payment in advance.
Please consult us only for the course held at headquarters.
In the case of the second payment, we shall receive a half payment in advance, the rest of the balance should be paid off at the end of the first class.

Q: Is there a discount on course fees?

A: I am sorry that there is no discount of course fee.

Q: If I take a course, do I need to be accredited?

A: The accreditation is a proof of the technology you have learned, so everyone needs to be registered.
The annual fee will be paid in the first year, but it will be optional from the second year.
About half of the members have not to be lecturers yet, but they are able to see and interact with each other’s works through SNS.
We also sell skill-up lessons, original tools and materials that only members can take.

Q: What is the difference between JSA with other associations?

A: At our association, you will learn from the basics with a unique curriculum created by experienced instructors, so even beginners can learn skills well and become instructors.
In addition to the icing cookie & master class where you can learn overseas technology, the course content such as sweets clay craft and deco cupcake course is also enhanced.
The most important feature of Salonaise Association is that a lot of support will be provide after graduation. Acquiring qualifications is not a goal, but the real start after graduation!
As our Philosophy is『Give life to a radiance woman, turn your hobby into wealth. We hope to help and support women who want to develop their own hobbies while raising children or working. Even beginners can start their own classes and share their knowledge with like-minded friends in their spare time.
If you graduate from JSA’s course, you have the opportunity to learn more other technologies.
On the JSA’s website, we will introduce the recognition classroom, which is helpful for the lecturers to get more students.