Online Course


To prevent the spread of COVID-19,  JSA Singapore will start conducting “Live Demonstration Online Course” from June 2020 .       Courses will be conducted online with live demonstration from JSA instructors. Once completed, you can become a certified instructor and start teaching from home as well!

✔️Online Courses on-going:

Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course  (5 workshops)

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Nerikiri Art Certificate Course  (3  workshops)

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Calligraphy Icing Cookie Certificate Course 3 workshops

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👍 Recommended for people like this:

• I have small children to take care, so it’s hard to go out.
• I want to study efficiently with no commuting time.
• I want to make it in my familiar home kitchen.
• I want to learn authentic Japanese confectionery from a Japanese teacher with lowest cost.
• I want to take classes regardless of weather such as disasters or current situation to keep social distance.

📑The Flow Chat of starting ONLINE certificate course:

① Select the course you want to take

② Select the language you want to take

       English Language → click here

       日本語受講 → Click here

③ Application.  (Please check the rules of attendance before applying)

④ Receive Course Set  (Textbook・ Ingredients ・Materials ・Tools )

⑤ Internet connection confirmation with instructor  (Rest assured that you can speak to your teacher in advance!)

⑥ Online course started!  (Start studying at your own place while staying at home!)

Five features of JSA Online Certification Course:

✔️Even if you are not good at using the internet!

With just one click, anyone can easily take the course. Also, we will check the internet connection with the instructor in advance, so please do not worry if you are not good using the internet. You can take classes from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

✔️Learn in real-time

JSA’s online courses are real-time live courses, not recorded video courses. Teacher do live demonstration while you can ask questions, confirm the work with teacher as if you are in a real class setting.

✔️Small class

Maximum 4 students per class. We will pay more attention and guidance to the work of each person. Our instructor will give you detailed advice, ensuring focus to achieve mastery of skills from basic.

✔️Free supports after graduation

Whether you are taking the course online or in classroom, after graduation you will be invited to our JSA network. You can share videos of each course, exchange tips and information among members, and ask the trainer for technical questions.

✔️Free delivery all course set

Necessary textbook, ingredients,materials and tools will be delivered to your home (Some items may be prepared by yourself)

Multi device ok!     

Not only PC, you can take classes from your smartphone, laptop or ipad.


Q    Is it ok to know basic information about computer technology?

There is no problem at all. You can easily connect by just clicking the URL sent from the instructor. In addition to PCs, it is possible to participate with smartphones and iPads. Please be assured that we will make a test connection with the instructor before you take the course.

Q    Is it what you learn from online the same as we learn and master face to face?  

Of course! Please be assured that our instructors will follow the same standards as JSA Japan. In order to carefully check the work of each student, the online course class is smaller than usual (max 4 participate). In addition, we are real-time live demonstration, not recorded video courses. You can take the course as if you were attending school and ask questions and receive advice on the spot.

Q    Can I take classes even if I have children or pets nearby?  

It doesn’t matter if you have small children or pets in your room. If you feel a bit noisy, you can turn “Voice Off” and “Voice On” only when you talk to the teacher.

Q   After starting online, can I switch to classroom half-way?

Yes! You can switch to going back to a classroom setting even when halfway through online course. We will re-arrange you in the next course conducted in a classroom. On the other hand, if you are attending a course in classroom, you can switch to online. Please contact JSA Singapore office (9675 3660) for details.

Q    Can I take others JSA certificate course online?

We are sequentially preparing for other courses. If  you have a desired online course, please feel free to let us know, we will try to arrange in advance.

Q   Can I see the detailed works on the screen?

Of course! The teacher will clearly show every step and also guide everyone’s actions.