Japan salonaise Association Summary (JSA)


『Give life to a radiance woman, turn your hobby into wealth』~ Bringing the lifework called SALONAISE to the woman of the future~

We hope to help and support women who want to develop their own hobbies while raising children or working. Even beginners can start their own classes and share their knowledge with like-minded friends in their spare time.


The Japan Salonaise Association, was aimed to help women in childcare to go to society and let more people know the meaning of salonaise this profession. Therefore, we incorporated English tradition culture “Sugar Craft” into daily dessert cookies. And then we realize our ideals by developing specialized lecturer courses that Japan has never had before. In addition, we are committed to promoting Japanese culture around the world.

  Date of establishment

  • August 25, 2013   Japan Salonaise Association was established in Japan 
  • October 2nd, 2017    Salonaise Taiwan Co., Ltd was established in TaiWan
  • May,2018     Salonaise Hong Kong Co., Ltd was established in Hong Kong
  • February 15, 2019 Salonaise Singapore Pte Ltd was established in Singapore

  Business Scope

  • Comprehensive research on sugar craft, etc., information gathering and information provision.
  • Spread awareness activities for sugar crafts and Wagashi
  • JSA human resource development and lecturer identification course development
  • The opening of the lecturer and the course information of the lecturer of JSA
  • Publication of publications and teaching materials
  • Import and sale of sugar craft related tools and materials
  • Production and sales of sugar craft related tools and materials
  • Business necessary to achieve other purpose


  • Representative Director: Kikyo Yukako
  • Management consignment: Japan Salonaise Association
    4-2 Ohara-Cho Ashiya city Hyogo
    JSA Headquarter / Office

  Japan Salonaise Association 

  • Singapore Headquarters】
    Add: 120 Robinson Road #12-01 S068913
    Tel: +65 6812 5746
    Email: singaporeoffice@salone-ze.net
  • 【Hong Kong Headquarters】
    Add: Rm26, 20/F, Leighton Centre, No.77 Leighton
  • 【Tai Wan Headquarters】
    Add: 9F.-1, No.45, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan
  • 【Osaka Headquarters】
    〒659-0092  hara-Cho Ashiya city Hyogo
    TEL:0797-26-6511 FAX:0797-22-5551
  • 【Tokyo Headquarters】
    〒158-0083  6-22-12 Okusawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan
    TEL:03-6432-1893 FAX:03-6432-1879

  President and Representative Director Yukako Kikyo Profile

~Use the experience accumulated in salonaise to help women realize the dream of turning hobbies into work~

She has worked in the largest handicraft workshop and coffee shop in  Kansai, Japan. The course offered is attended by approximately 5,000 students a year. Her former job was to work as a regional leader and CEO in one of the world’s largest cooking classrooms. During the 14 years of this work, the director has accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with more than 20 female employees and more than 10,000 students in course planning, recipe development, and management of more than 20 stores.

She is the mother of two children (4 and 9 years old). The purpose of setting up the association is to make the meaning of the profession “salonaise” (Give life to a radiance woman, turn your hobby into wealth) to root in the soil of Japan and the women who could connect the future. The profession of “salonaise” is characterized by a high degree of freedom. Even in the face of changes in the environment such as marriage, childcare, nursing care, and the relocation of the husband’s workplace, it is possible to adjust the working hours in accordance with the situation at the time. The Association hopes to promote such a career around the world and carry out activities.

  Publication of recipe book

  • 出版菊文化『日本排隊名店配方大公開!黃金比例的舒芙蕾鬆餅』(Written by Yukako Kikyo)
  • 楓葉社文化『第一次做糖霜餅乾!』(Japan Salonaise Association /Supervisor)
  • 邦聯文化『暗藏驚喜的童話小蛋糕』(Written by Yukako Kikyo)
  • 良品文化『法式浪漫古典糖霜餅乾』(Written by Yukako Kikyo)
  • 東販出版『 裱花蛋糕裝飾技法入門』(Written by Yukako Kikyo)

  In Japan, JSA Honoured the Education Minister’s Award in 2015!

In the social business that solves social problems such as working, child care support in the business, 『the Association Award 2015』, which commends outstanding efforts, is held in Tokyo, and JSA, which supports child care mothers, receives a grand prize. The general foundations and associations of the whole country applied for applications, and 31 groups were commended out of them, based on the judges of the jury and 210 visitors, and the most prestigious award is 『 Education Minister’s Award 』

JSA developed the first short-term qualification course in Japan such as icing cookies and cupcakes, and trained 9,700 instructors(so far). And through the various baking instructor recognition system to create opportunities for women to return to society and the workplace. JSA is highly recognized for its social contribution and has a high degree of trust and recognition. (Partial conversion from yahoo news)