Flower Cake Decorating Certificate Course

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2 hours X 6 lesson

  • Course fee $1,300
  • Ingredients, Tools and Textbook $620
  • Certification Fee $300 (Certificate, free recipe for your own class x 3)
  • Annual Fee $48 (01/10~30/09)

You can get the Certificate in just 2 days!

This is a complete course. In 12 hours, You will learn more than 40 types of techniques making 18 kinds of flowers & leaves and 6 different works.
The Flower Cake Decorating Certificate Course is a lecturer training course that specializes in not only the beauty of appearance but also the taste. And it also specializing in flower squeezing with Italian meringue soft and light touch butter cream.

【Lesson 1】『Christmas wreath』

You will learn:

  • Flower wreath
  • Pine cone
  • Raspberry
  • Winterberry
  • Cotton flower

Learn from basics, such as how to make butter cream from Italian meringue (with demonstration), how to assemble cake, and how to arrange three-dimensional flowers

【Lesson 2】『Spring bouquet』

You will learn:

  • Tulip
  • Rape flower
  • Leaf

Learn to squeeze out tulips from heights and learn how to harmoniously combine bouquet shapes on the cake

【Lesson 3】『Wedding』

You will learn:

  • Casablanca
  • Sea otter
  • Ivy

Learn how to squeeze a 3D Casablanca and sea otter to make a cake with wedding bouquet image.

【Lesson 4】『Forest garden』

You will learn:

  • Peony
  • Chalk
  • Hydrangea

Create a woodgrain cake base and decorate with elegant large flowers.

【Lesson 5】『Antique rose』

You will learn:

  • English rose
  • Rose
  • Flower bud
  • Leaf

Learn how to make classic-style cakes and vintage-coloured roses with buds. And learn how to decorate cakes with elegant crescent-shaped decorations.

【Lesson 6】『Graduation work』

Combine the skills learned in the previous sessions and create one original flower cake.


  • Students should participant in all 6 lessons staring from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you need to register as a lecturer (Authorized registration fee $300 · annual fee $48 ) After registration you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association within 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive a free gift from JSA, including recipes for your own use and a textbook manual.