Decorating Meringue Cookies Certificate Course

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※Get Instructor qualification in just 7 hours!
(17 works with 30+ techniques)

JSA Deco Meringue course is based on various traditional production methods learned in UK, combined with the unique system courses of “Icing Cookies” that JSA is good at.
In addition to focusing on creating a crunchy and unforgettable taste, it is also very particular about the details of the design.
By learning the appropriate meringue methods (French, Swiss) and 4 different meringue formulas in this course you will be able to use them to produce exquisite and high-quality works.

Just decorate your cake or cupcakes with meringue, you’ll make the only dessert in the world instantly!
And undoubtedly, such desserts will be the most noticeable focus on various festivals such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or birthday.

Course Fee $1,110 (Lesson fee $700 Ingredients, Tools and Textbook$410)

Certification Fee $300 (Certificate + free recipex3)

Annual Fee $48(2019.10~2020.9)

Lesson 1『The basics of meringue& Deco meringue stick』 Orange Flavour (1 hour)

You will learn:
In this lesson, you will thoroughly learn the basic method to make meringue, how to color the surface, how to color the icing, how to add flavour, how to squeeze the icing, how to make the cake topper. The method of adding patterns to the bottom and so on, from the basics of meringue to the method of changing applications

Lesson 2『Unicorn & Elephant』Lemon Flavour (1.5 hours)

You will learn: how to make icing that suitable for three-dimensional meringues, how to squeeze three-dimensional meringue, how to squeeze overlapping meringues, how to squeeze small gadgets, how to draw faces…

Lesson 3『3D Meringue doll ~ wedding ~』Original Flavour (1.5 hours)

In this class, you will learn how to make higher level meringue, how to piping, how to make meringue biscuits, and use these techniques to create a delicate and high-quality 3D meringue.

Lesson 4『Meringue Flower Cookies』Original Flavour (1 hour)

You will learn how to make meringue flower cookies using the meringue which is suitable for flower piping to squeeze Scabiosa, Dahlia, Rose, Ribbon Rose and Leaves.

Lesson 5『Drink Meringue Topper™』Strawberry Flavour (1 hour)

How to make meringue suitable for 2D・How to make 3D meringue topper.      Learn to paint the cute rabbit and bear meringue topper. Their cuteness does not lose to latte art and is perfect to show your hospitality. You can also put it on a cup of latte, tea, hot cocoa or hot milk.
Please enjoy the fun of meringue floating on the drink!

Lesson 6『Graduation Exam』Original Flavour

Combine the skills learned in the first five lessons to make 3 original meringue cookies. (Do not use copyrighted designs)

Passing the graduation exam means you can start your own class as a JSA certificated instructor (including the same certificate course). It does not mean that you will get the certificate after finishing our course. You NEED to pass the graduation exam to become our JSA instructor! (If you don’t pass at the exam, you need to retake!)

• Students should participant in all 6 lessons staring from lesson 1.
• You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)

• After passing the graduation exam, you need to register as a lecture (Authorized registration fee yen without tax) · annual fee) After registration you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association in 4 weeks.

• Every new instructor will receive a free gift from JSA, including recipes for your own use and a textbook manual.