Bean Paste Flower & Craft® Certificate Course

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• Course times:  6 lessons (12 hours)
• Lesson fee:     SGD 1260
• Ingredients, Tools and textbooks: SGD 350
• Certification Fee  SGD 300 (Certificate, Gift recipe x 3)
• Annual membership fee: 48SGD

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For the first time in Japan, JSA has developed this instructor training course on decoration cakes made with bean paste. This is a new genre instructor training course that combines Japanese and Western styles with the use of bean cream and bean paste that are carefully selected to make sure it tastes delicious.
You can learn how to squeeze three-dimensional flowers by using JSA original nozzles.

Details of the course

  1. This course is developed by an experienced lecturer from Japan headquarters, which is suitable from beginners.                                                                                                      Even beginners will learn firmly from the basics, and in 12 hours create 5bean paste flower cakes and 3bean paste cakes. This is a “6 lessons completed” course where you can learn all the techniques necessary for making 10 more different flowers and leaf squeezing, and more than 30 kinds of bean flower and bean paste cake.  A curriculum developed by JSA, which was created by an instructor who has more than 18 years of experience in cooking classes and craft lessons, is a feature that can guide beginners to the instructor level in the shortest distance.
  2. A new genre for the first landing in Japan.                                                                   Everyone is eligible to be a leader in this industry. With the instructor with more than 20 years of cake making experience and unique squeezing technology, you can learn delicious and elegant Bean paste flower and craft that you have never seen before in Japan. We hope that you will learn from the basics of confectionery firmly and systematically and play an active role with confidence after graduation.
  3. Use the original paste cream and tools                                                                                  The cream for bean paste used in this course is an original combination of creams with a focus on taste and ease of piping. Also, to make it easier to start the course, we will use the dough of bean paste craft that is commercially available and easily to buy. We will use handmade UKISHIMA cakes for bean paste flower. As for tools, we will use JSA’s original nozzle to squeeze three-dimensional flowers that have never been seen in Japan.
  4. Detailed color textbook                                                                                                                This is a very detailed textbook that not only what you have learned, but also knowledge and arrangements of plus+ when you take a review or start a course at home.                    The textbook, which has been revised many times over half a year with the motto “If you have something don’t understand, you can review it by looking at the textbook” is also called “Tutor textbook” or “Princess textbook” by graduates. The content is so detailed that you can concentrate on teacher’s demo and hands-on without taking notes during the course. There is also an instructor’s manual for certified instructors to conduct certificate course.
  5. Supports from JSA after graduation                                                                                       The real start after graduation. JSA’s lecturers are based on the idea of “we are friends, not competitors”.  Based on the association policy of “Let’s spread together~”, there are currently more than 12,000 instructors active in Japan and overseas, and it is an environment where we can work together while supporting each other. Since we provide opportunities for SNS and instructors to gather, it is very encouraging to have connections with colleagues who have the same thoughts and goals.                                    And new technologies will be shared with certified instructors through skills improvement courses. In addition, since the representative director is also the owner of the lesson salon, which attends 5,000 people a year, we also inform the certified instructors about the salon management know-how through seminars.

After qualification (what you can do…)

  • Interest class
  • Business trip lessons
  • Culture school teacher
  • Conduct JSA certified instructor courses (produce certified instructors)
  • Sale bean paste flower and craft works
  • Discount purchase of original tools and imported goods
  • Participate in skills-up lessons, instructor lessons outside the association, and overseas study tours
  • Participation in contests and social gatherings
  • Participation video skill up lessons, etc.

Recommended for these people:

  • Want to expand the variety of Japanese sweets making
  • Want to try a new genre of crafts
  • Want a qualification to prove your technique
  • Want a qualification to start from a beginner
  • Want a qualification to start home base bakery at low cost
  • Run a cooking/cake classes and want to differentiate myself from other schools
  • Want to sell at cake shops and cafes (confectionery license and food hygiene qualification required)
  • Want to develop new products and add to menu
  • Want to train more instructors

Lesson 1

Ruffle cake

How to make bean paste

Covering method

Coloring method

Rose modeling

How to make and paste ruffles

Lesson 2


・How to make a drape

・Covering multiple colors

・Covering Square

・Painting (Kinsai) gold color

Lesson 3

Temari CAKE

・How to make a ball cake

・Ball covering

・Knob work


Lesson 4

Bean paste flower cake

・How to make WUKISHIMA (textbook explanation only)

・How to make bean paste cream




・How to squeeze the leaf

・How to decorate

Lesson 5

Bean paste flower cupcake







Lesson 6

~Graduation exam~                                                                                                                    Using the techniques you have learned so far, and create one original bean paste cake.


  • Students should participant in all 6 lessons staring from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you need to register as a lecture(Authorized registration fee yen without tax) · annual fee  ) After registration you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association in 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive 3 free gift  recipe and a textbook manual.

After becoming an accredited instructor, if you want to gain the most advanced skills in the icing cookie industry, you can attend to the advanced course.

Please contact us for more details.