【JSA Singapore Recruitment notice】

Japan Salonaise Association (JSA) has been established in Singapore for almost a year. We are expanding in order to provide more courses and give SG certified lecturers more opportunities. Right now, we are hiring local lecturers!

JSA’s concept is “creating shining women who love to carry on their interest as a career.”

The specific activities of the association are:
◆Become a pioneer to lead trends, such as icing/meringue cookies, decorating cakes, cake pops, piping soap… To promote fun making these innovative dessert decorations and handicrafts, and make them not only a popular craze, but also become rooted in Singapore’s handicraft culture.

◆In order for the lecturers to continue to be active as “Salonaise—Female Entrepreneur” after graduation, JSA will provide opportunities for follow-up assistance, technical improvement and a community where pointers can be exchanged between lecturers to support everyone.

◆Being a shining example, to be able to balance being a homemaker or a career woman and building a career from your interest, become an independent woman of your future.

We sincerely invite you to join us in bringing this career that continues to shine for women and a new style of handicraft culture from Singapore to all over the world.

【Recruitment Status】
Lecturer at courses/events organized by the JSA Office

【Recruitment conditions and qualifications】

● JSA members or non JSA members
● Speaking Japanese is not a requirement, you can conduct courses in English
●While becoming JSA Singapore lecturer, you can still offer JSA’s certificate courses in your own or rented classroom.

【[Recruitment Period]】
1st batch: 11/02/2020-25/02/2020
2nd batch: Tentative

【Application method】
Email your resume and photo of your works (It is advisable that we can see technical works from the photos, if portfolios are not available, we will evaluate them during technical examinations.)
to (singaporeoffice@salone-ze.net)

【Recruitment Process】

1, Submit your resume and photos of your works before 25/02/2020
2, Interview: 06/03/2020
3, Technical Examination: 30/03/2020


※ In the resume, please include your available work schedule. (Which days you are available to teach and any block out dates)
※ If you have any questions please email to us.
※ Invitation for an interview will be sent through an email
※ Interviews and technical examinations will take approximately one hour.

We also welcome lecturers with little experience to participate in the recruitment, as we will be providing training to become confident lecturers. Important thing is the heart and determination to teach!

Lecturers who enjoy dessert making and decoration, and handicrafts, we sincerely invite you to become a shining woman with JSA!

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