(Weekday Class) 17-18/02 Nerikiri Art Instructor Training Course

This course is supervised by Mr.Naito Takayuki from Kineya, an old Japanese wagashi shop established in 1925. In 12 hours, students will learn about 40 types of Nerikiri Art techniques and make 17 works.
No experience required!
✅Small class, ensuring master all skills from basic
✅ Learn the most orthodox skills form experienced Japanese trainer
✅ Learn 6 kinds of filling flavors which are widely acclaimed in Japan
✅Great choice for gifts or receiving orders at home.
✅ All textbook, ingredients, tools are provided, easy for beginners to get qualifications
✅Supports provided from JSA after graduated
✅Start to teach & sell as an instructor after being certified

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WHY must choose JSA Instructor Training Course??

After obtaining the qualification of the lecturer, you can open the same certificate class and become a lecturer to teach your own students.
To open the instructor training course, 70% of the course fees and 20% of the materials& textbooks fee are the income of the lecturer.
As long as you teach 2 students, the income is equivalent to the cost of your studying.
After obtaining the qualification, the association will support the lecturers to continue to be active in the baking industry.
JSA is very popular in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong because the JSA lecturer is still able to get in touch with the association after graduation.
👍JSA Association will do:
① Set up a FB group, instructors can directly contact with Japanese tutor, ask questions about knowledge and technology, or feel incomprehensible when practicing at home, you can always ask for help. Moreover, lecturers can communicate with each other, such as sharing their own works or communicating technology. Many lecturers in Japan have become friends.
② Will hold study sessions, exchanges, etc., even if you graduate from the course, you have the opportunity to learn more other technologies.
③ On the JSA’s website, we will introduce the recognition classroom, which is helpful for the lecturers to get more students.
④ The items that need to be used in the certificate course will be combined into a kit set, which can be easily purchased when the instructor wants to open a certificate class.
Therefore, the lecturer can get various assistance from JSA after graduation, please feel free to participate in our courses.
This is a very rare opportunity that Japanese instructor come to Singapore to teach in person, please be sure to attend this course.
See you soon!
E-mail: singaporeoffice@salone-ze.net
Tel: +65 6812 5746
WhatsApp: +65 9675 3660
The above appointment methods all can be accepted.

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