『Give life to a radiance woman, turn your hobby into wealth』

~ Bringing the lifework called SALONAISE to the woman of the future~

The idea of JSA is to aspire women to develop their own hobbies while raising children or working. Even beginners can start their own classes and share their knowledge with like-minded friends in their spare time.

JSA was founded in Japan in 2013. In addition to developing the concept of turning hobbies into income, our aim is to provide technical and operational assistance to the lecturers . 

JSA’s lecturers are based on the idea of “we are friends, not competitors”. They discuss with each other, learn from each other, grow together, and continue to radiate in this field. Let’s continue being able to be active in the next 10 years.

Important Notice

Dear JSA members and customers,

We would like to inform here that due to the serious impact of the spread of coronavirus infection, JSA Singapore (Salonaise Singapore PTE.LTD) will temporarily close at the end of February 2021 after the decision of its parent company (Japan Salonaise Association). We apologize for the sudden notice.

All current operations will be integrated with JSA Hongkong.

If you have any inquiries about certification course please contact JSA Hongkong

Email:debby@salone-ze.net WhatsApp 852-9858 3610   Person in charge: Debbie

In addition, some courses still be continued from our certified instructors, please feel free to contact them directly for course schedule and details.

JSA Certified classroom information please Click here

Thank you for your continued support.

JSA Singapore

【Clear Candle Certificate Course】 Newest Release!

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【Macaron Art Certificate Course】 Newest Release!

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【Icing cookie decorating Certificate Course】

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【 Piping Flower Cake Certificate Course】

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【 Deco Meringue Cookie Certificate Course】

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【Nerikiri  Art Certificate Course】

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【 Jelly Art Certificate Course】

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【Mizugashi Art Certificate Course】

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 【 Calligraphy Icing Cookie Certificate Course】

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【 Deco Steam Bun Certificate Course】

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【Bean Paste flower & Craft Certificate Course】

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  More JSA Certified Instructor Courses

Japanese Nerikiri Art Certificate Course, Jelly Art Certificate Course, Deco Sliced Bread Instructor Certification Course, Clear Candle Instructor Certificate Course, Beeswax Candle Instructor Certificate Course, Piping Soap Flower Certificate Course, Macaron Art Instructor Certificate Course, Deco Cupcake instructor Certificate Course, Flower Cake Instructor Certificate Course, Gingerbread Icing cookie instructor Certificate course…

  We sincerely recommend JSA qualification courses for the following friends:

  • Interested in creating beautiful confectionaries
  • Developing a craft to sell them for income
  • Expand their skills and knowledge from their techniques and experiences so far
  • Able to make a work with unique personal style and would like to learn how to start a class
  • Interested in designing their own original work and design
  • To prove skills and ability with obtaining our qualifications
  • Want to start from the beginning
  • Want to be able to start my own course at a low cost

  What you can do after you get the JSA qualification?

  • Full-time lecturer
  • As a JSA lecturer to launch JSA instructor certification course to cultivate more lecturers.
  • Selling crafted works.
  • Can purchase and sell JSA homemade props and materials at a special price.
  • Can participate in refresher courses organized by JSA, courses held by Japanese headquarters lecturers, and overseas study tours.
  • Participation in contests and social gatherings.

The JSA instructor Training Course determined that the course is special in that the Association helps the lecturer to save cost on materials, props and other wastages, so that the lecturer can start classes with almost no risk. When the lecturer starts the course, the association will provide the props needed by the students during the class. As long as the students register, they can attend classes at any time. With this model, the instructor can save time in buying items and not have to bear the inventory risk of purchasing too many materials and props.

JSA’s course are very popular in Japan, Taiwan and Hongkong, and there are now above 20 different instructor-recognized courses. At present, there are very few lecturers who have obtained JSA accreditation in Singapore, which is far from meeting the needs of the Singapore market. We think it is a great opportunity for friends who are interested in baking. After the training, the Association will be your strong backing, to accompany you to the dream of starting your own work.

We determined that the course is not only for beginners, but we also highly recommend teachers who already have cooking, dessert, and bread classes to challenge!

  FIVE features of the JSA Instructor Training Course

①Our courses are very fulfilling. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily get started. Experienced people can also learn all the necessary skills in the course.

It is a “completed” course in which you can learn from the basics and learn all the necessary technologies in 12 hours. This is a JSA-developed curriculum, created by instructors who have rich experience in teaching cooking classes for over 15 years.

With detailed text manual that we do not need to take notes in the course, we allow anyone to offer the same level of training courses with confidence.

In addition, after becoming a JSA lecturer, you can also proceed to an Advanced Instructor Training Course. In this course, you can learn the latest technology in the overseas industry.

②There is a reason to be chosen!  The JSA Icing Cookie Instructor Certificate Course is the most popular course in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The number of baking certification associations and courses in Japan is now increasing, but the numbers of JSA’s instructors is the No.1

We have successfully cultivated more than 9,700 lecturers so far. The reason we are chosen is due to the large number of skills that can be learned in the course (61 types) and the large number of lecturers who are actually active. (We have lecturers from Hokkaido to Kyushu, Japan, and even many overseas lecturers! There are also many male lecturers!)

In addition, there are also senior lecturers who have been teaching for many years in Japan who will teach our courses in Singapore. Many of the most popular lecturers in the industry are from JSA.

③ After graduating from JSA, you can open the course with confidence.

A two-hour graduation exam will be held to check your mastery’s skill level in the 6th lesson. Because the exam is held in the course, you can know whether you pass the exam on the spot, and the lecturer who passed the graduation exam can start their class immediately (including the JSA Instructor Training course). But this does not mean that you can get the qualification certificate as long as you attend each class. You must pass the graduation examination of the association. Only after you pass the qualification can you start your teaching career with confidence as a lecturer.

④A lot of support will be provide after graduation

Acquiring qualifications is not a goal, but the real start after graduation!

The Association has established JSA’s Facebook exchange group and held various lecturer exchanges to connect with the common goals and ideal lecturers through these channels and activities. The goal of the association is to create an environment where lecturers can consult professionals at any time. We also have arranged advanced courses to enable instructors who are interested in improving their first-hand information and technique.

In addition, we aim to differentiate JSA from other associations and other classrooms by providing JSA’s self-made materials and props, exclusive sales, overseas training trips, etc., so that more potential customers can choose JSA instructors to open classroom.

⑤As a promoter of the popular trend of icing biscuits, the JSA continues to receive great attention from the media. The popularity and brand image of the JSA has become a major boost for the future development of the lecturers.

In Japan, the lecturers from the chairman to the whole country have been invited to participate in interviews on TV programs and newspapers. The recording of the 30-minute morning show “LIFE~The Power of Dreams” by the director of the board also caused a big topic in Japan. In addition, lecturers from all over Japan have also recorded interviews with TV stations around the country, and the association itself has been reported in the media and books many times.

With few icing cookie lecturers in Japan, we are the first in Japan to qualify as an icing cookie lecturer in order to allow more people to enjoy the joy of making icing cookies. So far, more than 9,700 lecturers have been bred. And the footprints of JSA lecturers can be seen from Hokkaido to Kagoshima and even overseas (the actual results of the industry NO.1) And because JSA’s lecturers are active throughout the country, the icing cookie spreads rapidly throughout Japan, so JSA can be said to be the scent of the icing cookie trend.

There are a lot of media that apply for interviews with JSA. The association can use these opportunities to introduce the lecturers from all over the country to the public. It is great to be able to get the icing cookies qualification at JSA! There are many such feedbacks, so that we will be more motivated to inject more efforts in the future to assist the development of the lecturers.

(!) Please pay special attention to similar certification courses

Recently, there have been some instructor certification courses based on the model of the JSA. However, please note that those courses are not directly related to the Association.